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black stretch film

Materials : PE
Useful: pallet-packing, carton packing wrapping bulk goods or warehouse storage
daily necessitiles packing and various fields, suce as building materials, electronics products, chemicsal products .
Stronger pre-stretch rate 500%.Excellent puncture & tear resistance.Precenting from water & dust.Good self adhesive

Our advantage are:
1. Stronger pre-stretch rate 500%.
2. Excellent puncture & tear resistance
3. Precenting from water & dust
4. Good self adhesive.
5. High transparent.
6. SGS approval.
7. The specification of Streth film can be designed by the clients.
7.1 standard width: 120mm, 150mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 500mm
7.2 standard length: 100meters ~ 5000meters (1meter = 0.9144yards)
7.3 standard thickness: 10micron ~ 30micron (1micron = 0.001mm)
7.4 standard color: transparent or black (other colors are welcome.)
8. fast delivery time: ONE WEEK (7 days) upon receive the deposit.
9. Quality guarantee: ONE years at least.
10. Non-toxic, evrisonmental protection, moisture-proof, waterproofing, dustproof, corrosion preventing.

Base Material

100% LLDPE

Elongation at Break


Angle tear strength




Self Life

More than 36 months