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5-Layer POF film

Our Polyolefin POF Shrink Wrap Film has features as below:
*excellent seal strength
*high shinkage ration over 60%
*high transparency and fine luster
*moderate air barrier property
*flexible tenacity and hermetic sealling property
*cold resistance
*soft and non-brittle
*damp-proof and anti-static
*fine heat sealing performance


1. 5-Layer Co-Extrusion Polyolefin Heat-Shrinkable Film Blowing Machine
2. Film Slitting Machine
3. Bag Making Machine
4. Recycling Machine

Product Feature From This Line :
1. Thickness : 12-30 micron( 0.012-0.030mm)
2. Max. Width : 1600 mm
3. Application: Widely applicable for the outer packaging of various products such as food, drink, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, commodities, toys, stationery, audio-visual product, cosmetics etc.