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POF fold film

Product Name: Polyolefin POF Heat Shrink Wrap Film
Material: PP + PE
Shrinkage ratio: over 60%
Thickness: 12.5micron (50gauge), 15micron (60gauge), 19micron (75gauga), 25micron (100gauge)
Minimum Order Quantity: 2,000kgs (multi roll width within an order available)
Roll width: 200mm (8") to 1600mm (80")
Roll length: 800m to 1600m for center-folded, 1600m to 3200m for single wound
Type: single wound, corner folded (also called center-folded,), tube


POF SHRINK FILM Characteristics
·Tear enduringly and pound resistibly
·Fast and high shrinkage ratio
·High transparent and fine buster
·Airproof wrapping dust and damp resistence
·Excellent quality and innoxious property

POF PACKING FILM Main Applictions :
·Food, beverage, household articles packing
·Drug, health-care products outside or combinative packing
·Plastic and hardware packaging
·Stationery, toys and books packing
·Electronic element, audio and video products packing

·Suitable for semi or full automatic packaging machine